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I have decided just now that a blog devoted to my current project might have some benefits for me and potentially others as far as organizing my thoughts and placing them in a forum easily accessible from any number of areas: the Internet.

This project is a research study on how to live properly. I have just finished my studies at university and upon this completion I came upon the realization that though I had learned much I was still very ignorant of some very basic things. The education system privileges the most obscure, specialized, and technical knowledge so that we may have our place in the economy but this comes at the expense of having good general skills sometimes. Now, I have decided, is the time to do this. After some unsatisfactory experiences in my life involving others, work, and my own mental and physical being I have come to the conclusion that, for me, as well as for many, some very basic things about living were never decided and so we continue to live in in this region of nebulous confusion about many basic but essential things. Instead of going off of so many just-so stories, the way I was raised, and perceptions and ideas ingrained in me for no good reason, I want to feel I have a reason for the things that I do, even at the most basic level.

I shall call this my Upbuilding Discourse on Being Project partly as a joke and because I like the reference to Kierkegaard (still near and dear to my heart after all these years). These basics which I still have not specified I shall specify now. I believe I can separate it out into a few key levels. There is the most intimate singularity of the physical self when our world is condensed into nothing more than our physical body. This is the most basic and primal; the least reified experience of life: the individual physical body alone experiencing its pulsation of life. This is where I begin and have begun. I split this physical level as so for now: there is the diet element, the exercise or movement element, the hygienic element (which I further split into dental and general hygiene), the sleep element, the postural element, and miscellaneous physical habits. I hope to bookend this by looking at some basic references on anatomy, physiology, biology, and chemistry.

Upon accomplishing the first research phase, I shall move on to the second which has to do with the relation between two. That is, after the first level ends the physical being of the one is no longer the primary question but now the first social relation which is that of the one as it relates to an other and this is tied up entirely in the idea of the sexual. This one will also be subdivided. There is the work to be done on what I believe is the best way to organize social sexual relations (monogamy, polyamory, etc), the mechanics of copulation, and the social code for such things. To put it another way there is the abstract whole of mating rituals, the social specificity of how to perform the social part of the ritual, and the physio-sexual specificity of the act of sex itself.

After the second part, comes the third which moves from the two to the many and is the relation of the one to society in general. This one I have less defined so far but so far I believe will have something to do with how to deal with people, the effects of different social organizational structures, and the interpretation and deployment of body language.

After these three things I think the basics will be completed and I should like to figure out how best to manage stress since stress acts as a limiting factor on everything in life. It is a physiological response and thus relates to the physical but may be brought about by social and sexual circumstances. Stress will end this section of my research project as a meta-object that ties together all these other levels. With that, part one shall conclude and from there I shall move on to other projects which I shall briefly describe.

Since I fancy myself an artist and since I wish to become a freelancer at some point and since I am also interested in self-sufficiency and being disconnected from the market economy, I shall engage in some supplemental researches. I shall describe them in no specific order. For the sake of my artistic practice, I should like to do some research on the aesthetics of video and music with an emphasis on form in video and performance and interactivity in electronic music before I fully return from hiatus to produce work. As far as the material support of my life (that is, my revenue stream) it is affected by a few things. There is the revenue stream coming in and the cost stream going out. The revenue stream coming in may come from self-employed work, investments, or wage labor. I have already ruled out investments as a possible source of income due to its exploitative and reified nature in addition to the fact that I have never been very good at gambling. This leaves self-employed work and wage labor as revenue streams. Self-employed labor and wage labor are both based on exchange skills. On the cost side, learning practical subsistence skills can reduce my costs and dependence on other entities. I have denoted the latter as use skills and the former as exchange skills. My idea is to learn more use skills so that I can depend less and less on money and to develop more exchange skills that I can utilize as a freelancer (not to mention develop a freelance network). In this way I hope to become more independent and get away from wage labor. Hence this level will consist of some work on developing freelance skills and a freelance network for a revenue stream on top of learning use skills to reduce dependence on economic systems (like learning to raise chickens, carpentry, hunting, and so on).

I can summarize all that has been said in a very basic way. I want to complete a research project of the fundamentals (split between the physical, sexual, and social). From there I want to research my artistic and material interests (with the material split between use and exchange skills) and from there implement as much as possible everything I have learned and return from my artistic hiatus a better artist, a better person, and more skilled with a wider net of options for having control over my personal economics.

I have already begun this project and completed by general research on diet, exercise, and sleep and am currently working on dental hygiene research. I will try to put up some posts that concern those things I have already finished researching for now and will, from there, make posts about the continued progress in this project and things I have learned.


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