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Notes on Practicality and Environment

I have, of late, been in a situation that has limited my ability to experiment with my diet but shall soon be able to. Thinking about this again has led me towards a few lines of thought that are relevant to these sorts of endeavors.

1. Needs change with environment and we may need to reduce or increase certain types of pressure in order to allow a more consistent picture of needs to appear. That is to say that when I was exercising regularly I seemed to have a better sense of hunger and thirst and when these things were needed whereas now, when I am living in a sedentary way, I find myself much more confused in these respects. Also, stress is a major modulating factor. I discovered that my white tongue disappeared under low stress environments regardless of my diet.

2. I am also trying to find the most practical and convenient way of putting into practice certain dietary principles. I will be attempting once more a high simple sugar diet but the question of finding and storing ripe fruit is one I do not wish to deal with so instead I will be buying bulk frozen fruit and using that for smoothies in conjunction with orange juice, gelatin, and (perhaps) cream. This will be supplemented by milk, cheese, and ice cream; therapeutic vegetables (namely garlic and carrots); dates; coffee and tea; and other protein sources (salami, meat, seafood) on occasion. Vitamins A, D, and K will be supplemented.

Anecdotally, I have been highly satisfied recently by havarti cheese, salami, kombucha, and fruit smoothies.


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