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I shall soon make a very substantive post about dental hygiene but, before I get to that, I had a few notes on diet that I wanted to write about based on my most recent experiences and considerations.

For a while I was on a Primal style low carb diet which I believe became zero-carb and inadequate in terms of calories inadvertently due to a lack of good planning on my part which I am now in the process of remedying. After reviewing some of the posts at the Perfect Health Diet blog I came to the conclusion that lack of carbs and lack of calories was probably the reason behind my lower energy and after considering some of my meals for  a few days I realized that there was a substantial caloric deficit and that the carbs recently had been very minor. In addition to this, I have come over to the persuasion that white rice is the only allowable grain. It seems to be fairly neutral as far as toxins go and to not elicit the same types of negative responses in the same severity as the other main grains (wheat and corn). Furthermore, its affect on dental health appears to be minor or nonexistent.

All this has led me to view a diet to be ideally composed of the following:

-safe starches – tubers or rice

-vegetables – leafy greens especially

-meat – especially red meat, organ meats, bones, and seafood

-dairy – fermented kefir, yogurt, or cheese


-nuts – soaked

I believe that the first three components should be the basis of each meal with the optional addition of the dairy component and that fruit and nuts can be consumed in more moderate quantities throughout the week. In this way I believe one can get an adequate balance of macronutrients.

Beyond this, I believe that daily a person should probably get a balance of food that is cooked, raw, or fermented for maximal benefit. Vegetables should be cooked or fermented most of the time since many contain toxins that are neutralized in these processes. Meat may be consumed fermented, raw, or cooked. Starches should be cooked. Nuts and fruits can be consumed cooked or raw (but nuts should still be soaked).

These are some conclusions I have drawn for now as an addendum to my ideal dietary regimen. What macronutrient and prep ratios are something you must determine based on preference, digestion, weight loss goals, and autophagy needs. Keep in mind that it may be most helpful for you to cycle between different forms of your diet. I plan on reading a few more books on diet including a raw food book that includes raw meat as a topic and will see what else is in need of changing after I finish these.


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